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 Everyone, Cold here today, guess that rumor was true.

I really dislike cold weather..

Here are the numbers for tonight>

G-54  G-47  B-2  B-10

I-23  I-29  N-31  N-36

O-64  O-74  B-4  I-18

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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I'm still waiting on those 5 numbers

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I dislike cold weather also @jen43 . My fat doesn't keep me warm, it is just for looks. 😊 I still need 4 for an O. I like @miliannie 's description of her omelette card. I have printed bingo cards with a red pencil I use for marking. Thought about old daubers, but a cat would probably nudge me and mark all the wrong ones or the cat. Good luck all on the rest of the "O".

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Wow, I am down to three for a coverall also, but two of them are needed for the O, will have to see what tomorrow brings. We made the 80's today, it's 76 and supposed to go down to the low 60's tonight. Good luck everyone.

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I have a yellow dauber, which made my bingo card look like a half filled omelet plate.  5 more to a cover all, or a complete mimosa.  Cheers. 

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Where is everyone? And I thought I was late to the party! I know what you mean @jen43. It’s time to get the furnace going as fall has come to the northeast. No “O”-lei (I like that @miliannie!) here. I’m in need of three.

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Good evening everyone. I am about to go to church for Bible Studies. I was forced to put the air conditioner back on as it is 89 right now. It will be 58 in the morning. 

I got a few more numbers tonight and some were helpful.

You all take care and have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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