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Hi Everyone, Cooler here, rained most of the day !

Here are your numbers for tonight>


B-11  B-15  I-20  I-27


N-37  N-42  G-51  G-56


O-62  O-72  B-9


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

We have had rain everyday also and right now it is 76 here but very humid, makes it hard to breathe outside.

I got 2 numbers tonight and still need 3 for the outside, will have to see what tomorrow brings.

I am still trying to figure Google out, not I am not getting any notices at all, so much for telling them what is important.

Good luck everyone.

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Got one precious hit! Thank goodness for that.

I have mixed feeling about Covid test. Our infected count is high with the Covid test. We were among the states having the lowest number of infected people before the test. Now, with test, 50-70 people are found infected daily (hospitalized about 2%). Discovering that more of us have the virus without being sick is for what purpose? Let's say for the sake of discussion, that I test positive. but have absolutely no symptom The State tells me to quarantine myself for 14 days. After 14 days, I can get out again like before the test. So, aside from forcing me to sit at home and no wander to anywhere, including grocery stores for the 2 weeks. I continue to display no symptom whatsoever. After the mandated confinement period, am I safer, from contaminating others, than I was before the confinement/quarantine?
Honored Social Butterfly

Only 1 of my numbers matched the Outside Frame oh well better luck tomorrow I hope 🤞

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Jen I am here early. I got my printer fix today so now I have bingo cards, yahoo. I transferred all my numbers from the paper one I drew.
I am a long way to getting a win. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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