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Hi Everyone,We had 2 winners last night,prisonnurseo6, and LindaB.

We start the Bonus Game, we are playing Letter E

letter-E.gif  Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-32 N-37 B-15 B-2

I-24 I-19 G-50 G-47

O-62 O-75 B-7 G-53 and I-27.

Good Luck, I'll be back soon,Jen

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Only nabbed a couple numbers. Sunny today but cold. I think I am ready for spring. I guess Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter? Boo. 

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congrads  prison nurse  linda b


Congratulations to all the winners!!!


I had 6 numbers again tonight and still don't even have a regular bingo! It must be because I had ZERO numbers on Monday lol. I still need 5 more numbers for the E.

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Congratulations to yesterday's winners 🎉 I didn't get any numbers today 😢 oh well maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Good evening everyone. I tried to put a picture here of the snow in Lake Worth Texas, but apparently it is the wrong size. It was 22 this morning felt like 5 and it is 21 right now. The snow has stopped and a small amount has melted but the temperature is dropping so it will be icy tomorrow. 

My outdoor kitties that showed up this evening for food that I finally got on the back porch, and almost slipped putting it out there, but grabbed the door knob that prevented me from falling. 

I got a few numbers tonight I need two more. 

I am going to try to see if I can put the picture here of the snow. I snapped another picture and turned my phone sideways. AARP won't let me. 

You all take care and stay safe and healthy and warm. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Good luck to you in Texas!! I hear thousands are without power. Stay warm!!



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Still need 5 numbers. Finally stopped snowing just now. Got down to 2 degrees early this morning and up to 13 degrees today. Wind chill early this morning was -12 degrees.  @SassiLady , hope she does well and takes it easy with her brace. good luck all and stay warm.

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I got four tonight and need two more. Dinner is late again, so what else is new. It looks like my dil might be in a walking shoe in a couple of more weeks. The foot doctor told her what brand and model sneaker to purchase and to get it in a wide as she would need room for the ankle brace they will fit her for.  I know she can't wait even though she will not be able to overdue walking around as the foot still has more healing to do. It's 73 out right now and that is our high today.

Good luck everyone.

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