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THURS AUGUST 18th Our Bonus Game Continues

Hi everyone.

I had a really busy day how about you?

Relax and play Bingo, here are the numbers for tonight>

O - 61 - O - 69 - G - 53 - G - 46 

B - 15 - B - 10 - O - 75 - O - 64 

N - 37 - N - 32 - G - 60 - B - 5 

B - 11 - I - 29 - G - 49 - O - 74 

Good Luck, I will be back soon,Jen.

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I scored several numbers but they are all in the lower half haha. Thunderstorms and monsoon rains coming the next 3 days. I hope our power holds out! Have a great Friday.



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I am a few closer than I was last night, just have to play the waiting game.

Good luck everyone.

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I still need a bunch. Hope you got your B's @miliannie. Good luck everyone.

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Thanks, @Vexed .  I finally got 3 B's !  Now the card does not look so lopsided. As for the mini full house, I'm still far from it. But it's not over until tomorrow.  A lot can happen then.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

Good luck all.

Honored Social Butterfly

It's been a rainy day here all day finally got a break from rain, I'm missing 2 numbers for the Mini Full House.. good luck to the rest of you 🤞

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