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HI EVERYONE, Welcome to the Bonus Game.

We are playing the Letter E >letter-E.gif

HERE are the numbers for tonight>

G-60  G-53  B-3  B-10  I-20

I-29  N-31  N-44  O-62  O-75

B-5  G-59  B-1  O-69

Good Luck, we are having a late afternoon storm, thunder rolling around, for the last three nights they have started at ten thirty, this one is early, I hate late storms. Be back later, Jen, and Oh, Our winners last night were convertiblegal and miliannie !

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@miliannie @prisonnurse06 . hope both of you are feeling better soon.

First take dizzy spells seriously and second move slower. I know my balance isn't as good as it used to be and I move much slower these days. Just saying. Hugs to miliannie and prisonnurse.

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Feel better soon prisonnurse06 so sorry to hear that... I'm 3 numbers away from the letter E.

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@prisonnurse06 So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you feel better soon. I need four for the “E”.

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Good evening everyone. Jen thank you for my number. I have been out of focus this week because I fell Sunday and have multiple bruises and mild concussion. Cement floors do not give. I am slowly on the mend, so I always hope that what I put here makes sense.

I got a few numbers tonight. Congrats to last night winners.

Take care. 

Charonanne E Kading
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So sorry to hear this prisonnurse06,please take care, I have had so many "near" falls, so I'm trying to be extra careful outside, don't know how many times I've

tripped  almost just going down the steps of the deck, I'm an accident waiting to happen!

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Ouch, Char.  I felt for you on that fall.  Here's hoping the bruises would go away soon.

I was not doing so good myself  In fact, since Sunday until last night, I felt like I was at the Mad Hat tea cup ride at Disney.  My equilibrium was way off every time I had to move my head for even a simple task like looking down at the computer keyboard. The dizziness seemed to come without any apparent reason.   Because Covid is still so rampant, my doctor emailed me to stay home and use some home remedy to chase the dizzy spells away.  Fortunately, I have a fresh ginger root finger in the fridge.  The drinking of a few thinly sliced and peeled ginger steeped in hot water successfully got me off the Tea Cup Ride.  Still a little unstable today, I am way more comfortable with the ground remaining firm under me.

Anyone has any thought on why seniors tend to get more spells of dizziness?

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@miliannie So sorry to hear about your dizziness. There are a lot of articles on the internet. I Googled ‘dizziness and the elderly’. Interestingly, one said dehydration can be a cause. Not to sound alarming, but sometimes  there can be underlying causes so I’d say perhaps to push your doctor for some tests. Good luck.

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Thank you, Linda, for your post.  Isn't Google wonderful?  I got my ginger tea suggestion from there!!!  I'm due for an annual check up in mid September.  Hopefully the scheduled  blood test will reveal  the cause. 

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Six is most likely too far away to even consider this game. LOL! Gotta run dinner is ready. Good luck everyone.

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