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Hi everyone,we had 3 winners last night,prisonnurse06,miliannie.and lynnie39.

We start the Bonus Game,we are playing-Lg Outside Frame.-outside-picture-frame.gif Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-31 B-11 I-29 I-17 G-48

G-55 O-75 O-70-N-37 N-41

B-4 G-42 G-60

GOOD LUCK,back in a bit,Jen

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Congrats to the last night's winners. I have not been on lately, been busy helping with sweet new grandbaby 💙💙💙


Has anyone heard anything from Linda? I feel very sad. I do not know what has happened. I emailed, texted and sent a care package. I have not heard a word 😞



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Good to see you @TheSuzyQ . I was going to check on you again. I am sure you are enjoying the new grand baby. Haven't heard from Linda either. I checked all I could try.

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Congrats again to last nights winners.

I got a few numbers, mostly in the wrong place. 😊  Did you get your power back @ladyfox58 ?

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Vexed my power came back on today around 4 PM.

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I am so glad @ladyfox58 . 


Congratulations to all the winners yesterday! Way to go!!


I had 7 numbers tonight. The most I have had in a month! I still need 6 more for a bingo, which we all know that won't happen lol

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I almost had a "whiplash" as the hits came to a sudden stop after the first 2 good ones waltzed in onto my bingo card.


 Late congratulations to Lynnie for yesterday's bingo.

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Congratulations to lynnie on her win last night.

I still need five for the outside frame so don't see it happening, then again you never know. Good luck everyone.

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Congratulations to yesterday's winners 🎉🏆 none of my numbers matched up with the Large Frame.

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