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THUR JUNE 23rd Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi everyone.

OK,I've had it with the heat already!

We could complain but it doesn't help.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B - 3 - I -25* -G -53 - O-73 

O - 62 -G -52 -I -30 B - 11

B -9 - I - 26* - G -55 -O - 75 -and -O -71

GOOD LUCK,I'll be back soon,Jen.

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We had a nice little microburst which cooled things down, yay!


Bad News: My DH has just tested positive for COVID 😞



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Slowly the temperature is dropping from 100, I need 1 number for the other 3 stamps.

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I have an X bingo that's useless.  Like @prisonnurse06 there's also 1 postage stamp on my card.

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Good evening everyone. It is 101 right now in Texas. I was suppose to go to church tonight but it is so hot outside that I decided to stay home. My car said it was 100 inside and I know it would have cooled down but until it did I would be sitting inside that very hot car. 

I got a few numbers tonight and one postage stamp so far and close to getting 3 more. 

You have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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