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Mon Sept 23rd Welcome to Bingo Game 547

Hi Everyone, FAYESPLACE was the Winner of our bonus game Friday night.

The weekend was busy, can't seem to get going today, you think it's my age..LOL

Here are  your numbers for tonight>


B-5  N-35  G-51  I-19  O-71


G-48  I-25  O-66  B-14  N-39


B-9  G-56  I-17


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon to check, Jen


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Happy Monday. Had a rough day, my doggie, Yorkie, is 18 1/2. I thought I would have to take him to vet today to say good bye...But, then he seemed to come around. I know his time is coming and I am a wreck.

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to Fayesplace on winning the bonus game.

Only in the high 80's the past couple of days but they say 90 tomorrow. I won't complain if the humidity, which has been in hiding, doesn't come back also.

Three for me tonight and all scattered around.

Good luck everyone.

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I was looking forward to the Fall to be free of the intense sun. Today, barely 2 days into the new season the sky falls in on us as the ocean and the sky touch each other on the horizon. My golfer is moping around the home, looking at the falling rain and shaking his head. My sympathy to all weather-inconvenienced golfers.
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Happy Monday everyone. I finally went back to excercise class at the YMCA and I surprised myself that I could actually get through the whole class.
I got a few numbers tonight and some promise areas.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Been a pretty fare day here for the first day of Autumn, I got a few numbers today.

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