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Mon Nov 26th Welcome to Bingo Game 504

Hi Everyone, We were hit by a blizzard last night, frigid temps, and high winds, took me forever to fall asleep because of the wind, supposed to get down in the teens  tonight..

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-6  G-47  I-18  N-35  O-63


I-24  B-14  O-61  N-41  G-56


G-50  I-21  B-11


Good Luck, and stay warm, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Got seven numbers tonight card looking pretty good,stay warm everyone we got some snow and it's pretty cold here.Good luck everyone and stay warm.

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Okay take your pick, it depends on who is giving the weather, so it looks like somewhere between 38 and 42 for tonight and only 58 tomorrow, so we are in for two or three days of chills.

Four numbers for me tonight but they are scattered around. Good luck everyone.

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Brrr! You guys give me the chill with your weather talk. Our daily temperature range for this time of the year is 72F-83F.
I don't go to the beach anymore because the sun rays feel like needles on my aging skin. After a certain age, it is better not to sunbathe. A few of my senior friends go to the beach and swim around 5-6 pm when the sun is going down. Too much work! I'd rather dance.
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Jen I saw the weather from Chicago and thought of you, glad you are okay. In Texas we are having cold weather, down in the 20's at night, and in 50's during the day but the wind is coming from the north so it makes it feel colder.
I am going to the church tonight to have a meeting to prepare for "A Night in the Town of Bethlehem " that we do every year on December 8th.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

It's getting pretty cold here tonight also, I got 6 numbers today.

Recognized Social Butterfly

I got (7 #s) so I'm off to a good start...Stay safe and warm..hopefully the weather will improve on your end...It's raining here in MA...I'd rather have the rain then the snow...
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