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Mon Nov 15th Welcome To Bingo Game 659

Hi Everyone, Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-8 N-40 I-25 G-54 O-75

I-21 G-56- N-34 B-5 O-63

N-31 B-6 O-65

Good Luck, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

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Thanks @miliannie  and  @LindaB671 . for your reply to my question. I figured it was a possibility. Would be quite a big deal. I remember a long time ago playing in Bingo Halls with the cardboard cards with the red slide window, they had a game called "stand up bingo". Everyone stood up and as bingo numbers were called, if you got a number you sat down. The game continued until only one person was standing and they were the winner. Now that should be my game. 😊, but even then didn't get that either. 🤔 I am with you @prisonnurse06 I have cats and can't do my puzzles out. Even got one of those boxes you can close when you are stopping. But that doesn't help when they want to lay in the middle of it, chew on a piece or run off with one.

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That's why I enjoy Jigidi so much, no pieces to lose and just pause it and close the tab and it is saved until I go back.

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I got 4 numbers today, I'm late but I'm here checking in have a good night everyone 😴

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Good evening everyone. The morning started out 46 and cool or if your are a Texan cold. I keep teasing my friends about how cold it is and I tell them I love it. I believe I have had a few say why don't you go back to Canada. The day ended 76.

I got a few numbers to start. SassiLady I do puzzles on my computer because of my cats I can't have any out. It is called JIgsaw World. 

I heard that there were snow flurries up north coming out of Canada today, hopefully they won't stay around long. 

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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No first day Bingo ever here @Vexed . I did get the Bonus on the first night once though. I’m surprised about your daughter @SassiLady since she is north of me.

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Well, if they had any flurries she didn't say but we were talking about how one of her grandchildren is doing as she is down with covid. The school had so many cases they closed to give it good cleaning and disinfecting.


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I got so into doing a jig saw puzzle on Jigidi that the time got away from me. I got a few numbers tonight, but nothing to brag about as they are scattered.

@LindaB671, not surprised with those flurries although my daughter didn't say anything about them getting any yet when I spoke with her today. 

Good luck everyone.

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Not a big start, but fair. @LindaB671 has a great start. Has anyone had a bingo on the first day?

Good luck everyone.

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Hey @Vexed , to answer your question about first day bingo winner, someone did win once during the past 2 years.  Jen would know. 

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Snow flurries the past three days. 30s today, 40s tomorrow and 50s Wednesday. Pretty good start on card #64. I need one for a Bingo. Good luck to all.

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