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Mon May13th Welcome to Bingo Game 528

Hi Everyone, Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend, I had a great day, got to visit with all my kids, they took me out for breakfast, and afterwards we all visited at my younger son's home...a Nice Day..

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-19  G-51  B-9  N-31  O-64

B-6  N-42  G-58  O-70  I-26

I-23  O-62  N-45


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, doing some transplanting outside, so many plants needed moved, it's overcast so a good time to do it, Jen

Recognized Social Butterfly

For Mother's Day my son and grandson took the mother of my grandsons and me to lunch and then we were given flower plant, not sure yet what the flower is, but I will get my plant book out and check to see. My grandsons gave me a coffee cup that had a saying on it that described me perfectly.
I am happy to say no rain, and there will be several days of sun. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

I had a great weekend and my Granddaughters from Texas came home to visit, got some numbers but they are bouncing around on the board.

Honored Social Butterfly

I had a great weekend. My son was away but my dil made sure I got flowers and a card. She also got me a Bingo bank and took me out to dinner Saturday evening.

We had some rain Sunday and today a couple of heavy downpours but the sun kept sticking out in between.

I got off to a slow start with only two numbers.


                                                                     2019 Mother's Day 20190512_101728.jpg


I guess you will have to lay down to see this, the pic is rightside up so I don't know why it came out sideways but I couldn't rotate it here. LOL!

Honored Social Butterfly

Aww I love the bank and the flowers are beautiful

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