Honored Social Butterfly

Mon May 3rd Welcome to Bingo Game 631

Hi Everyone, A hot and muggy day, and of course the little no see'ems, you know the kind that bite, but you can't see them ? They are back.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-31  B-3  G-54  I-28  O-66

B-15  I-24  N-39  G-46  O-72

G-58  O-69  B-8

Good Luck. Chose today to fix a pot roast, so yes the kitchen got a little warm, but it's done now and the fan is on, so all is good. Jen

Bronze Conversationalist

☀️Starting to warm up nicely this week! We have had a lot of rain lately. I love the green. Just 4 hits for me tonight.

Silver Conversationalist

Five hits on my board tonight too. Cool and drizzle here today. @jen43 Your pot roast sounds delicious!

Honored Social Butterfly

Well it was  90 here today and we are starting to get that humidity back. I gassed my van and am now poor, guess I will have to start saving up for the next time, LOL!

I got 5 hits and it's looking fairly good. Good luck everyone.

Regular Social Butterfly

On this Monday:  5 scattered hits; good beginning; hope level very high. 


May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.  I didn't get lei'ed. (No, it was NOT a typo 😂)

Honored Social Butterfly

🤣🤣🤣rolling on floor laughing.

Social Butterfly

We are at a big 39 - it’s been raining all day. Got lots of numbers but nothing is lining up. Enjoy your evening 

Honored Social Butterfly

Pretty warm here today also had to turn AC on, I got 5 numbers so far.

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