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Hi everyone.

Well I woke up to a cold house,46 this morning,it's warmed up to 66..crazy weather!

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-8 I-19 N-35 G-46 O-68

G-49 N-31 I-26 O-63 B-4

N-42 I-25 B-2

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon,Jen


How do I get a bingo card?

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lisav53889, I sent your card numbers on Sunday,pretty sure I told you you have to make your own card,use an index card our just use a a tablet of paper,you just have to keep track of the daily called numbers,good luck. Jen Ps,I sent the numbers and how to do it to your Private Message's.

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With everyone talks about the weather, I guess I should chime in a little.  We had a few days of high humidity last week.  Gone now.  I feel bad for those visitors who arrived during the ornery weather and had to leave today when it's balmy like it should be.

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Summer came back today, in the 90's, right now it's 87. We had a very off and on rainy weekend and yesterday we had thunder off and on until late afternoon when it finally decided to rain a bit. I got six numbers tonight and have a wait, and it will most likely be  long wait that may not pay off in the end. Have had these before. Good luck everyone.


Ugh, only three numbers tonight. It has been raining and cool here today.


@prisonnurse06 Glad your exDIL's home is safe for now! Nothing worse than knowing you are about to lose everything you own. But thank God it has reversed in another direction. I lost everything in a fire almost 40 years ago, and it is tough to get through, that's for sure!

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Good evening everyone. It is also cold where I live in Texas. It seems this weather is widespread. I had to dig out some Fall clothing yesterday to go to church. It is suppose to rain this evening, and we need it. There is still wildfires just a couple of hours from me, but I heard from my exDIL and she was in the danger zone but the fire is turning away from her house, I knew all that praying would help. She said that at night you can hear the fire and it sounds like a lion roaring.

I got quite a few numbers tonight to start my bingo game. Hopefully this week I will do better putting my numbers down and not miss anything important. 

@Vexed I am glad you didn't take the cat to the Cat Scan, but then again kitties do like confine places to hide.LOL. 

You all take care and I will see you tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Lol @prisonnurse06 . They would probably like the places to hide there. Mostly they don't like to be "taken" somewhere. It never is a fun thing when you take them. It is usually to the vet. And they know there aren't any fun things there.  😊

Hope you and yours stay safe from the fires.

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It was a cool morning here also and now we have storms in forecast for a couple of days. I got 4 numbers to start off with.

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Isn't is weird @jen43 ? It has been in the 100's F for several weeks and now it is colder. Not to complain, but it is odd. Had to put a jacket on to go to hubby's Cat Scan. And we forgot to bring the cat. 😊

Got two numbers. Good luck to everyone.

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