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Mon May 17th Welcome To Bingo Game 633

Hi Everyone, I think we must be in our Rainy Season here, that's all it wants to do here !

Rain, storm, drizzle, downpour!

Here are the numbers for tonight >


N-42  I-24  B-3  G-48  O-67


B-11  I-30  N-34  O-62  G-53


I-21  B-5  G-58


Good Luck and stay dry, I'll be back soon, Jen.

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@jen43 A limerick is welling up inside me:


Would like a bingo card to play, 

too late now, another day.


What are the prizes up for grabs,

select numbers, covers or dabs?


Hope to play while still in May.


---  Christine 



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This is crazy, I have a bingo on card#103

B-5, I-24, Free, G-58, O-62

We are having nice weather the past couple of days, not hot but just lovely for going out and doing whatever comes to mind.

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That was fast! Congrats!

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Wow Sassilady that was a quick one.

THIS IS A GOOD BINGO !bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg You are the !st Winner 


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When all those hits decide to hold hands, all you can do is scream BINGO.  And you did!  Fantabulous!  Now Jen has to scramble for a tough bonus game that would last the rest of the week. 

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Sorry about all of the rain some of you are getting. 70’s here today and tomorrow; then 80’s for the rest of the week. This is unusually warm for this time of year. Like @ladyfox58 I have 5 hits on my board.

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Well I'm joining y'all with the rainy weather we got rain for this whole week. I got 5 numbers scattered around the board.

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Jen I have to agree on the rainy season because that is all it has done for the past week, and the next several weeks. I spent last night until 2:00 a.m about 2 hours in my closet with to kitties because of hail ( golf size) but no visible damage, thank goodness. Right now the sun is out but I think it is suppose to rain tonight.

I have got a few numbers today to get started. You take care and will see you tomorrow, between the raindrops. Stay safe and healthy and strong. 

Charonanne E Kading
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