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Mon March 9th Welcome to Bingo Game 571

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a good weekend.

It's another rainy Monday here.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-5  N-43  I-18  G-52  O-64


I-21  B-7  G-46  O-67  N-41


G-56  N-32  B-3


Good Luck, I.ll check back soon, Jen

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Hi - I am here - just a little behind 😊

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Three numbers for me today here in sunny Florida. Yes, the sun was out but it wasn't that hot and it was windy again. I just love it when you need a light jacket outside but in the car it's so hot from the sun on the windshield you need to put the air on. LOL!

Good luck everyone.

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Weekend was good but it's raining now thru the whole week. Got a few numbers today nothing lining up.

Regular Social Butterfly

My weekend was, cool, cold, raining, and sunny. Welcome to Texas and crazy weather. I had my mammogram done today and as I told everyone on FB I am 4 years in remission from Breast Cancer.
I did quite well with the numbers, just keep them coming Jen. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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