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Mon March 30th Welcome to Bingo Game 574

Hi Everyone, A bright sunny day here, I got to work outside all day, it was wonderful to get out, lots of things coming up.

Here are your numbers for tonight>


I-21  B-1  N-34  G-55  O-70


N-37  G-48  O-61  B-12  I-26


B-5  N-42  O-74


Good Luck, I hope the sun was shining for all of you today, I'll check back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

Two unfriendly numbers for me tonight, so need a lot of help.

We had a nice day again also. Stayed in though where it's safe. I only go out for

groceries but Thursday I have an appointment with the dermatologist. No problems unless she finds something, just need to get a couple of things checked and find out about my itchy scalp that is relentless.

Good luck everyone.

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Regular Social Butterfly

4 good ones to start the week.

Today I walked to Walmart near my place and saw canned meat back on the shelves. I guess the hoarders are still trying to finish their last batch! There's a new social etiquette now. We try really hard to maintain distance from each other when waiting for a traffic light, shopping from a popular spot in the shop, lining up to order take-out food etc..6ft or 2 arm lengths apart. I was at a line to pay and another person violated the allotted airspace. Of course, she was on her phone and paid no mind to her surrounding. I jumped out of line to avoid her. Only then did she realized what happened, and left the line entirely. It has been said that we Americans space ourselves 2-3 ft apart in pre-Covid19 social situations.
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Social Butterfly

Really nice sunshine today - got my deck cleaned - nice to sit out in the sunshine. Lots of possibilities on my card. See you all tomorrow - stay well

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Regular Social Butterfly

Last week we have great weather but winter has returned this week, with rain today. I got a few numbers today.
My youngest son came for a visit today, and got my grocery list for this week. Because I am anemic he wants me to not go to the grocery store, but I can get my cat food, because that is at a pet store, not many people and I can phone in my order and when I arrive they will bring it out to the car.
I also found out that his oldest son Coleman will be going to Texas Christian University for his degree in music, which is where he wanted to go. He is now an official Horned Frog. Yahoo, I am happy.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Esteemed Social Butterfly

Had a little sunshine then it started getting cool looks like a cold night for us, I did get a few numbers today nothing to brag about.

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