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Mon March 15th WELCOME TO BINGO GAME 624

Hi Everyone, Check out the cute Bingo card that SuzyQ

posted, I saved myself one.

Hope you all are doing well, it rained hard all last night and this morning, a very cold rain, temps dropped to the 30's..And it's still cold, typical weather for Illinois.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B- 4  N-35  I-17  G-47  O-62


I-22  B-10  N-31  O-69  G-55


O- 72  I-28  G-53


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Good Morning - sure glad our blizzard is over - wow what a mess.  Only

a couple three numbers for me tonight.  Love the St Paddy’s card.

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Rain, Rain Go Away for @jen43@ladyfox58! Thank you @TheSuzyQ for bringing the Luck of the Irish ☘️, sunshine ☀️ and more 😀 to the group. @SassiLady I got 6 hits too. I’m in need of one more for a diagonal BINGO. Last week’s temperatures were in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. We shall see what this week brings!

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Please send your rain to Southern Arizona. Also, I think there should be a prize for the card that gets NO numbers.

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Good idea, srk5cats.  Anything is better than an egg!

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Good to see you here, we had another big rain last night, I would gladly send you some,LOL

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Actually, we've gotten a bit of rain over the past couple days. First in a long time. It brought some cold with it, though, and some snow on the mountain tops.

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We seem to have only two temperatures that bounce day to day. It is either 30 degrees and freezing snow ❄️ or a balmy 61 and sunshine today. Springtime in the Rockies 😆 🏔  🌄

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I didn't check the high today, it was sunny but not hot and no humidity. Tomorrow now that's a crap shoot.

I got 6 hits today and am waiting, for what I don't know. LOL!

Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. Jen what bingo cards are you talking about, as I found none that SusyQ put on here.

At first I thought I had only one number, and then decided to look again and found two more, I don't know what is wrong with my eyes, I guess they have selected reading of numbers.

Today was beautiful, warm and sunny which was nice since it has been cloudy all weekend.

Well I have a dirty kitchen to clean up after supper mess, and a dishwasher to empty from this morning. I also have garbage to get out for tomorrow.

You all take care and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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St. Patricks Day Bingo.jpgHello! Here it is. SuzyQ

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Charonanne, check the posting by SuzyQ today.  She "started" a conversation, right under Jen's "conversation" about our Bingo game.

Welcome SuzyQ.  It's good to have digitally smart people amongst us.  Chatter along with us.  As for me, it's not much to toot about since I only got two distant hits. 


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We had a few showers this morning sunshine the rest of the day. I got a few numbers today.

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