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Mon July 6th Welcome to Bingo Game 588

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all staying cool, they are calling for high temps all week !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-6  N-34  I-24  G-52  O-74


G-51  I-20  B-3  O-61  N-38


I-28  O-65  G-56


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Well I don't know what it is going to take to make Gmail wake up. I keep picking out my AARP community messages and marking them 'not spam'. Alas, Fridays and Sundays messages ended up there again. I will see what happens this week.

I got one lonely hit and am not complaining as I have been very lucky in the past with the bingo.

We had a very hot Friday & Saturday but Sunday  was a bit cooler and today even cooler by a few more degrees, only in the 70's.

Good luck everyone.

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Although we didn't have any July 4th fireworks (the Mayor said no), and the economy is still pitiful, I do feel blessed to live in a beautiful place, belonging to a beautiful country, having perfect health with a full belly everyday, and having a chance to play bingo with a bunch of scattered but passionate friends. What a humbling realization of my good fortune!
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I had a great weekend some of my children came out to the country to visit, my numbers started off lining up together but now some are all over the board.

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Oh baby it's going to be a hot week. Had a wonderful weekend - saw the family for the first time since March - everyone is well.  Got a few numbers tonight 

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My weekend consist of people letting off fireworks all hours of the night scaring my kitties. My son brought over my supper of brisket and potato salade and it was good. Most of my DIL's family was there and few of them had been expose to the virus but tested negative but my son didn't want me to take the chance. I had already been expose at church but was tested and came back negative. So my son and grandson came over with the meal. We had a good visit, and I visited with my DIL via Face Time.
I got a few numbers but not in any pattern.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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