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Honored Social Butterfly

Mon July 22nd Welcome To Bingo Game 538

Hi Everyone, After a very hot weekend, woke up to much cooler temps, will get down to the 60's tonight ! Yea

Hope your weather is better, Here are your numbers for tonight>


B-12  N-35  I-20  O-64  G-52


I-28  G-56  N-31  B-4  O-73


N-40  B-14  O-71


Good Luck, I'll check back later, going to the Town Meeting at seven, will check back when I get home, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

I'm starting off with 4 numbers nothing connecting right now we are having some thunderstorms so I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

Social Butterfly

We got down to 80 today - now I hear thunder - so storms are coming. Have fun at your town meeting.

Honored Social Butterfly

Off to a good start this week, hope it doesn't fizzle out.

Good luck to everyone.

Regular Social Butterfly

Great start again this week.
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