Honored Social Butterfly

Mon July 1st Welcome to Bingo Game 535

Hi Everyone, Well the temps have climbed close to the 100 mark today, not fit for man nor beast out there..

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-2  I-16  G-48  N-35  O-65


G-55  N-41  B-11  O-72  I-26


N-31  O-63  B-7


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen


Regular Social Butterfly

Two out of the 5 hits today didn't want to join force with the rest. "Divided, we fall/fail."

Hawaii has the natural fan called the trade winds which blow most of the times, except during "Kona weather/winds". The Trades, for short, come from the North East. The Kona winds come from the South, the equator direction. During the Summer, the equator is closer to the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. As long as the atmospheric conditions favor the Trades to blow down from the polar top, we are in good shape even during the hotter times of the year. If the winds change direction and blow up at us from the South, we have humidity, heat, thunderstorm, bad hair, and sweaty bodies.

Currently, the Trades are caressing us all on the islands.
Recognized Social Butterfly

I got a few numbers today. I got my debit card stolen and I figure it was yesterday as I used it on Friday and didn't go anywhere on Saturday. I know who did it, just can't prove it and made that person aware he was the one, and his answer was "but you can't prove it.".
I went to the bank today and put a stop on it, and order a new one. There has not be any additional amounts in my account, so I am lucky.
It was another hot day, expecting rain during the night. Today is my version of Independence Day, It is Canada Day. I get to celebrate two holidays this week.
You all take care and see you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Temps running in low 90s here, I got 7 numbers today and off to a good start.

Honored Social Butterfly

I'm off to a pretty good start, now I can only hope it doesn't fizzle out.

Jen we only had 95 today. I stayed in all day though, saving my gallivanting for tomorrow, a doctor's appointment and then some shopping.

Good luck everyone.

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