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Hi Everyone,Hope you all had a good weekend, ours wasn't too bad, got a little rain off and on, afternoons got awful muggy, but hey we can't have everything huh?


B-15  N-40  I-18  G-52  O-63

I-21  G-59  O-69  N-36  B-4

N-37  I-16  B-13


Have a good game, I have to run and get some groceries, i'm watching the great grandkids tomorrow while their mom and dad run errands, got to stock up on snacks and drinks, and

other junk food that kids eat, and seems they are always hungry..LOL I think i'm too old for this...Jen

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Got one number tonight will see what happens tomorrow.Thunderstorms early this morning and they say we may have more the southern part of the state is really flooded bad,we're lucky here we're on a hill so the water goes all down hill,which is bad for the homes there.

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4 numbers today Very humid today Good luck
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Jen, I definitely knows what you talking about they be expecting to find all the junk food they can have at grandma's house. I got 4 numbers today.

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Got my B I N requirement met with today's numbers, but the G O are not participating in the game. Go figure.

One thing I've discovered with grandparenthood is my lack of energy and patience around the young ones. And I don't remember giving my own kids as much sugary food as my grandkids seem to demand/require. If my boys didn't finish their dinner, they couldn't have their dessert. I don't dare to impose the same rules on my grandkids. I'm the mean grandma who does not stock up sweet snacks or have sugary drinks when they come over.
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Oh have fun Jen. Only got 3 numbers tonight - off to a slow start.  Hot here this morning - now grey skys with possible rain - that would be nice. Have a good evening.

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Four numberss for me, two are in line but where this will go is anybody's guess.


We had a cloudy, rainy day today but all things considered, not too bad.


I have been kept busy with a dog that had a hot spot. I never had this problem with an animal before. Took him to the vet Monday. Good grief! Very, very expensive. They shaved it washed it with a special soap and dried it and put some powder stuff on it. They have me doing this twice a day. He is quite good for that process. Where he fails is taking his antibiotic. Four capsules, twice a day. Well I opened them up and first mixed it into coconut oil, which he loves then in the evening it got mixed into pumpkin, which he also loves. Then he decided he didn't like either any more. A few times I just shoved them down his throat one by one. That was a fun experience. Tonight I went back to the pumpkin, added a bit of molasses to it first then the medicine. He wouldn't eat it from the bowl (this had worked in the beginning). I dumped it into his food dish and lo and behold, he ate it. I bought something natural for heartworm because I didn't want to give him those crappy chemicals they put into heartworm meds and that isn't an issue, at least not yet as I put it on a small piece of bread and he eats it. I also ordered something that is supposed to help canine thyrhoid issues. I still haven't figured out how I am going to get that into him. I am trying the thyrhoid stuff because the vet thinks he may have hypothyroidism. The symptoms fit and the fact that I have been giving him a healthy weight dog food and less than the prescribed amount and it isn't working because he has gained four pounds since December. This med is supposed to help balance their thyrhoid. I am giving it a shot because I just can't see over $200 for a thyrhoid test for him. I will try this and see if the symptoms abate some and then take it from there.

I guess I forgot to tell the vet that I wasn't a millionaire.  He has to lose about 30 pounds which I figured she would say. Another thing they want to sell you is a special dog food that is way beyond my budget. I have been feeding him 4Health for weight management. Now I will try Natural Balance Fat Dogs. It is more money than the 4Health but less than the one the vet suggested.

Well all I can say is "wish me luck" and if you have any suggestions I will check out anything. I think I have tried them all but you never know. 


Now, good luck everyone.

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Jen I had to laugh about the grandkids, because I can relate. Band Practice starts next week here in Lake Worth Texas, which means since both parents are band teachers I get at least one grandson, the other is in high school and band. So that means stocking up on Dr. Pepper, Snacks, and chicken wings, and romain noodles.
I got a lot of numbers, which I hope will help later. Have a great rest of the day.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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