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Hi Everyone, Please welcome Mistyme33, she joins us tonight.

Well ladies, we are under a Winter storm warning, it will start tomorrow and run into Thurs, freezing rain,and heavy snow, pray with me that the power stays on.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-6 N-35 I-23 G-54 O-66

N-44 B-3 G-46 I-18 O-63

G-46 O-70 B-8

Have a good game, I'll check back soon,Jen


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Hello ladies,

I thank you all for the warm welcome. Happy to be here 😊

Got 5 numbers

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You are very welcome and thanks for the thanks 😊 @MistyMe33 . Hope you enjoy. You have a good start.

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welcome mistyme33   good luck game

we are expecting lots of snow starting wednesay  hopefully no power outage too    8-14 inches some areas near by prayers for everyone..

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Welcome to Bingo Mistyme!



Yikes 🙄 Oh my, my!! I did not even have ONE number lol!! That sure is a first for me!!


Welcome Mistyme33 😁

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Welcome to Mistyme33, I hope you enjoy our group.

I must apologize as I haven't done my card yet today but will be prepared for tomorrow. I just wanted to say that we managed to make it to 60 today. After a very cold Saturday, 25 at 7am and a high of 47 at 3pm when it started to cool off again. I took a tip from my son and checked the temp in upstate Ny where my daughter lives. Ouch it was minus 28 and that made me feel warm so I was okay the rest of the day.  Anyway I was busy all morning and never got my numbers together on a card bu I promise I will have my act together tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. Well it looks like everyone has bad weather on the way. Jen I will be getting your snow on Wednesday night and the next two days. The advantage I have is it will be gone by Sunday. I also hope my power stays on, because last year at this time when we had that really bad storm there was  people who were without power for 4 days. That is our wonderful system where the power companies relied on what the state can provide instead of drawing from other states when needed. 

I got some good numbers tonight. Welcome our new member MistyMe33 glad to have you and I hope you do well in this game.

You all take care and be safe.

Charonanne E Kading
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Welcome to the group MistyMe33! Jen stay warm we got rain starting tomorrow thru Thursday, I got 5 numbers so far good luck to the rest of you 🤞

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Caught 3 numbers tonight. Welcome @MistyMe33! Stay warm & toasty tonight @jen43🔥


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Welcome to new player @MistyMe33 . Hope you keep your power @jen43 . We aren't expecting moisture, just bitter cold single digits or less (from Wed to Sat). Hope you don't have problems with your snow and cold @LindaB671  and keep your power. I am worried for our power even with only cold. The power went out Saturday and it was a fairly nice day. So, I worry about y'alls power with the snow and freezing even more.  I have 3 numbers marked. Good luck to everyone.

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I only got a few numbers. Good thing it’s only Monday! Welcome @MistyMe33! Good luck with your weather @jen43. We are supposed to get two plus feet tonight and it’s freezing out. I’ll pray for your power and mine Jen.

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Stay warm!! 🔥 

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