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Mon Jan 13th Welcome To Bingo Game 563

Hi Everyone, and Welcome to a much anticipated Bingo Game!

Happy to be here.

Here are your numbers for today>


B- 4  N-35  I-22  G-50  O-63


I-19  B-8  N-42  G-56  O-70


N-31  G-47  B-10


Good Luck and Enjoy, I'm gonna go sample my soup, Jen

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no luck here had made chicken soup last week and to much for one person . LOL tryed to share with friends and family but no one wanted any. It was very good with carrots and onions and noodles cut up chicken breasts broth was nice and thick and seasoning were just right and corn bread a must. LOL but i finally finished it in 6 days . i feel like i have grown wings and clucking LOOL
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Your chicken soup sounds great, I would not have turned it down! And I love cornbread !
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How sweet it was not having to hop out of bet at 4:30 am this morning. The Sony Open 2020 is now history. The old man and I were completely worn out! We both took a long nap right after lunch. I hope we can fall asleep tonight!

7 numbers landed on my card. Let's see where tomorrow's numbers will fall.
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I bet you two were exhausted, that was a lot of hours for both of you, sleep well.
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Okay, all's well that ends well. I'm in fairly good shape.

Soup sounds great Jen. I always made homemade soups and now I am living with my youngest and he only eats Campbells tomato or chicken noodle, condensed. Good grief! Where did I go wrong? LOL!

Good luck everyone.

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I know right? Love homemade soups and my kids do too, I usually give my leftovers to my daughter who lives not far away.
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Glad things were straighten out, got a few numbers today. Soup sounds good on a day like today cold and rainy.

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