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Mon Feb 3rd Welcome To Bingo Game 566

Hi Everyone, Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

It's warmed up a lot, was in the high 50's yesterday...yeah !


Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-5  N-36  G-52  I-21  O-66


G-50  B-11  O-61  N-33  I-19


N-39  G-48  B-2


Good Luck, It's pizza for supper, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Like Ladyfox we had 70 yesterday, but according to the weatherman we should be getting a winter mix on Wednesday .
I got a few numbers tonight and some hopeful spots.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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We were in the 70's yesterday and sure felt good, I'm off to a good start with 7 numbers today.

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Jen you are a tease I get two numbers on one line and then jump to another line and get two there, not to mention they are lines that need five numbers. LOL!

We got into the mid 70's today. So I guess the roller coaster is on it's way up again.

Good luck everyone.

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Btw, Jen's supper of pizza makes me think of our own pizza habit. Every time we step onto a cruise ship, we judge its pizza. The best one is by Celebrity. Ranking far below are the pizzas from Disney, Crystal, and NCL

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A good beginning with 6 hits. I hope the momentum is ongoing for the rest of the week.
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