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Mon Feb 24th Welcome To Bingo Game 569

Hi Everyone, A rainy Monday here today, sure can't hang the wash out today ! Remember when we did that?


Here are the numbers for today>


B-4  O-72  N-34  G-56  I-20


O-66  N-33  G-51  I-27  B-7


I-23  B-11  O-62


Good Luck, Having spagetti for supper, gotta go make the sauce, I'll check back in a while, Jen

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Bad day at black rock. Weather wasn't too bad but allergies hated all the pollen and that scale was a ten today.

I also got a shock when I went to wash my face in the morning and saw a large bruise with what is a white area and what looks like a bite in the center on the outside of my arm just above my wrist. Went to the emergency room to make my dil happy. The PA said it didn't look like a spider bite and put me on an antibiotic as it is so red and inflamed looking around it. Let me tell you I saw plenty of spider bites online that look just like this so I am watching it very, very carefully for the next couple of days. The least little bit of change and I am off to see my primary doctor.

I did get four numbers tonight kind of here and there. Good luck everyone.

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Darn SassiLady, Keep a close watch on that, my daughter had one and got a really nasty infection, they said it was a Brown Recluse Spider bite, and several years ago my next door neighbor got bitten on her thumb, hopefully the antibiotics will take care of it..take care..
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Today it was sunny and cool in Fort Worth Texas. I am having pizza which I just got from Schwan's. Jen you have tease me again with my card and numbers, you get really close and then I have to wait, and patience is not my strong suit. Oh well it does give excitement to the game.
See you all tomorrow, and Jen enjoy the spaghetti.
Charonanne E Kading
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Happiness is to play Bingo with my AARP friends!!! 4 good ones today.

I'm about to attend a sales presentation by a local travel agency that has close associations with cruise lines and land tour companies. We will be having an 8 course complimentary Chinese lunch at a very nice restaurant during this event in exchange for our undivided attention for about an hour afterwards.
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Rainy day here also, spaghetti sounds good that's what I'm fixing and some fried chicken with cornbread, I got 2 little lonely numbers today.

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