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Hi Everyone , Hope you all had a good weekend, Mine was very busy, My grandaughter's reception on Fri, and my youngest great grandaughter's first Birthday party on Sat, great fun at both.

Here are the Bingo Numbers for tonight >


B-3  N-37  I-20  G-51  O-62

I-26  G-46  B-8  N-44  O-73

G-58  I-24  N-40

Good Luck, doing housework today, it's a hot one out there. I'll be back soon, Jen. 

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Today was the first and the last day of the Senior Program at one of the Community Centers in Honolulu.  We were so happy to have in-person classes again since March 2020.  But before the morning class was over, the program director came and told us that the Mayor's Office instructed an immediate closure of all in-person activities. 


Like all over the US, the vax resisting people don't do well in defying the Delta Variant.  The Virus is more than happy to lodge into their unprotected lungs.  Unfortunately, their succumbed number is 3 times more now than a year ago.  Although I don't think the government is going to have a complete lock-down like in 2020, many group activities will be curtailed.


For those who use words like "Plan-demic", wake up to reality if you want to live. 

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Good evening everyone. Jen I am glad you had a great time with your family. I got 5 numbers not to bad. 

Today has been my mix up day. I forgot I had a follow up with a doctor this week, had it reschedule for next week. Copied my bingo numbers wrong, thank goodness for erasers. I have started using a pencil because my ink was smearing on the paper. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me. 

You all have a great night and stay safe and healthy and strong. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Wow, Jen you were being cheap tonight, I only got 3 numbers. LOL! I hope everyone else does better than that. I had a good weekend. Good luck everyone.

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@jen43 Glad you enjoyed your family celebrations. Five numbers for me tonight. Not bad for a Monday. Warming up here with a high of 90 for the next few days. Good luck everyone.

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