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Mon Aug 19th Welcome to Bingo Game 542

Honored Social Butterfly

Mon Aug 19th Welcome to Bingo Game 542

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a good weekend.

Why do some days just drag by slowly? I think it's because I had to get up early..LOL

Here are the numbers for today>


B-3  N-43  I-21  G-52  O-63


N-39  I-23  B-10  O-65  G-46


I-16  O-72  N-44

GOOD LUCK. I'll check back soon, Jen

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Good evening everyone. The temperature is 99 but heat index is 104. I am doing good today with the numbers so I hope the rest of the week is good.
I was suppose to take my cats to the veterinarian today but my cats had other ideas. So after trying several times and receiving severals scratch marks on my arms I phone said we were not coming in because one cat is hissing the other and fighting. I immediately ordered Feliway from Amazon because it works and it will arrive tomorrow. Right now they are just giving each other the evil eye.
My grandson performed at church this weekend playing his saxophone, and his daddy and mother and I were very proud of him.
Well my tummy is begging for food, so I better go and make it happy. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Wow - what a hot day 98 so far. Had a nice weekend. Have a good evening 

Honored Social Butterfly

No rain yesterday, mother nature saved it for durning the night. No rain today, so far anyway.

Lordy, I took my dog to the vet today, they can sure lighten your pocketbook. LOL!

I had a bunch of numbers tonight but need two more so am only half way there.

Good luck everyone. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Honored Social Butterfly

A little rain here and there, I got a few numbers today.

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