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Hi Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, I did !

Today is warm and sunny, but the winds are coming back.

Here are the numbers for today>

B-3  N-35  I-23  G-56  O-61

G-52  I-20  O-65  B-10  N-43

I-16  N-38  B-6

Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen.

Silver Conversationalist

It sounds like we’ve all had some nice weather, for the most part. Our three children (plus a few extra!) came over for Easter Brunch. It was a beautiful day! I need two more for a diagonal Bingo.

Bronze Conversationalist

We had an absolutely gorgeous Easter! Beautiful weather and happy grandbabies running around. Today has taken a turn though and storm is a comin' !

Honored Social Butterfly

Two hits tonight and they don't know each other. It was cool and windy here on the weekend, but it's trying to warm up a little more each day. Good luck everyone.


Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. It was sunny and warm here in Fort Worth Texas. I got a few numbers to start the week.

Today a guy came by inspecting the roof, apparently my landlord is planning on putting a new roof on and I am glad. The guy wanted me to know what color did I want the house, and I said I don't have a choice as I am only the tenant but he assured me that it would get it done. He doesn't know my landlord like I do, the painting won't get done.

Yesterday I had a great Easter Sunday dinner with my family and it was nice to have us all together. I will be the last one to get my second shot on Wednesday, so we were all safe.

You all have a great night and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
Regular Social Butterfly

Although the hits have no Bingo consequence, every column has a daub. That's very nice.

 We had a peaceful Easter for the second year during this pandemic.  The difference is remarkable.  Last year we had no idea when it will end.  This year, with the aggressive vaccination effort undertaken by the federal government, there appears to be a light at the end of this Covid tunnel.  My prayer is that we can have a family Christmas this year. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Nice and sunny here today but rain in forecast for tomorrow. Got a few numbers but they are scattered around the board.

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