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Mon April !2th WLCOME TO BINGO GAME 628

Hi Everyone, Will try this again, my whole post went by by..So am a tad late.

Here are the numbers for today >


B-9  N-31  I-22  G-55  O-66

G-59  1-24  B-3  N-45  O-70

N-36  G-47  O-74

GOOD LUCK, I will be back soon, Jen

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🌻🌻🌻  REACH! Just need one more "N" 🌻🌻🌻


Hope everyone has a lovely week!



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Oh Jen sorry about that, and I know that feeling so well. I have a couple of possibilities but that means I am only halfway there. We had a real stormy day on Sunday, thunder, lightening and rain, rain from 7am until 2pm. Today was sunny and lovely though.

Good luck everyone.

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@jen43 Sorry to hear you lost your post. Four numbers here but nothing to brag about. It rained ALL day yesterday and ALL day today but it looks like we might see the sun later in the week. “April showers bring May flowers.” (as I posted in the Gardening thread in the Healthy Living Forum)

☂️ Linda

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No I and no O.  Picky, picky, picky!  I can almost hear the numbers choosing their landing strips.

Congratulations to Wanda and Sassi for seizing the C on Friday.

Honored Social Butterfly

Are the Gremlins playing around again 😆 I got 5 numbers to play around with so far.

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