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Mon April 15th Welcome to Bingo Game 524

Hi Everyone, Had to go shopping for a ne washing machine, what a joke, have you prised any! opted for repair to my old

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-4  N-32  I-24  G-58  O-65


I-19  G-51  N-37  O-73  B-10


N-43  O-61  B-2


Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jen

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It's called "sticker shock" and I experienced it about a year ago over $700.+ depending on make...I think if you stick to the basic instead of all these new fangle buttons you're better off...Plus you have to buy special HD detergent for them..I might be wrong on the letters...I was almost in line regarding the numbers for Easter I thought I was going to have a goose egg but surprisingly got one number....ha
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Jen sorry you have washing machine trouble, yes they are very expensive and not as good as our old ones.

So sad about the fire at Notre Dame and all the things inside that are old and historical and irreplaceable.


The good news tonight is I have a BINGO!

 Card #14....B-10, I-19, Free, G-58, O-73



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Oh my Goodness a Monday Bingo !

How did that


bingo trophy new.jpg

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OMG, the darling treasure of the world Notre Dame was burning! Who would do such a villainous thing to this irreplaceable edifice? I hope the bell tower is totally spared from the flames. I'm so devastated.
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I had to update my computer tonight before I could get to AARP. I got 5 numbers.
It was sad today in Paris to watch the Notre Dame Cathedral burning. I was in Paris when I was young and got to see it and the awe you would feel when you entered is something you have to experience because there are no words to describe it.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Jen I had to buy both washer and dryer my dryer stopped first and a month later the washer but I've paid off the dryer and only 2 more payments on the washer. I got 5 numbers today.

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I had not heard about Notre Dame, how terrible, so sad !
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Oh holy cow Jen they are so expensive - I had to buy a new refrigerator - it's amazing how much they are & I had to pay extra for white as they do not make many of them - just crazy.  6 numbers for me tonight

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