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Hope you all had a good weekend.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B- 6 - *I - 19 - N- 36 - G - 54 - O - 73 

I - 23 - B - 2 - N - 40 - G - 47 - O - 69 

O - 66 - I - 25 - B - 14 

Good Luck,back in a bit ,Jen


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Bit late for checking in - nothing exciting on my card. We have 63 degrees with rain today what a nice change.

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Hubby came through his surgery and is doing well. I was a basket case though. 😊 Thank you all for your prayers.

@prisonnurse06 , are there any technical (type of whatever fits your needs) schools in the area that may do it for student projects for just material cost?

@TheSuzyQ , glad she is safe and back home.

@SassiLady , your foot doctor should (at the least) not charge you for the visit.


Good luck to all on the week's bingo.

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Glad all went well with hubby. I don't think I stand a chance of that as they still charged me my $50 copay. I will see when I go back next month what she says if she is there.

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Thanks @SassiLady . Good luck with her when she is there.

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Five numbers and some of them are connecting up good.

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My week is not starting off good, went to the foot doctor to get my toenails cut. My doctor wasn't there, they said she was recovering from surgery. I had someone else and when he cut one nail I said 'ouch'. The waiting room had three times the usual amount of people, and I was so long there I had to go straight to my cardiology appt. What a surprise I had, she pulled down my compression stocking to check the swelling in my leg, and I kicked off my shoe so she could see how puffy my foot was. There on the end was a blood stain, still wet and about the size of a quarter. I told her what had happened, she immediately took care of it and I left there wearing only one stocking. LOL!

@jen43..I would really appreciate it if you would tell me my card #, or are you keeping it a surprise.

@miliannie..right now we are watching the entire Waltons series, so you are not alone. Much better than what tv is offering these days.

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SassiLady, your card # is 144 .

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Thank you.


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Good evening everyone. T

Charonanne E Kading
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Good evening. Caught 5 numbers tonight. Just picked up our youngest from the airport. She just got home from a study abroad in Italy! Good to have her home safe & sound.

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Good evening everyone. The numbers I got tonight are spread all over my bingo card. 

This weekend my family celebrated my youngest son's birthday. He is 48 today but he is a band teacher and they have practice until 9 pm so we celebrated yesterday. 

Friday night our church had a Worship Night and the drums were so loud that they gave me a headache and I left after one hour.

My neighbor and I have finally found someone to build us new mailboxes but my property manager and the owner are playing hard to get. I told my neighbor that if I have to pay it myself I will. The amount is $800. The other prices we got were $1600. $1400, and $2500. Neither her or me can afford those amounts and I know the owner will not pay that amount. We still don't know the owner of the car that wrecked our mailboxes. So we are paying out of pocket.

You all have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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That speaks so sadly about our present society, Charoanne.  It's not like the way we used to know or were brought up to do.  Yep, in the olden days, the perpetrator would have left you a slip of paper with contact info.  And the house owner would have fixed the mailbox.  After all, it's a deductible  (business) expense.  Of course, there's still time for the owner to make good, by asking you to submit the repair receipt, then reimbursing you or deducting in rent for the same amount.

For nostalgia sake, we have been watching MeTV for shows like the Andy Griffith ( I thought the Sheriff last name was Taylor), M.A.S.H , Perry Mason etc...Ah the good old TV days!!!!

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