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Hi Everyone, It was a very wet weekend here, but it wasn't cold.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

B-2  N-36  I-21  G-58  O-70

I-16  G-55  B-12  N-32  O-62

N-43  O-65  B-8

Good Luck, trying to decide what's for supper, I vote for something quick and easy, how about you ?

Honored Social Butterfly

Thanks ladies, all the food ideas sound great, I ended up having a Healthy Choice Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner, it was pretty tasty !

Honored Social Butterfly

I always go for something quick and easy to fix, it rained here Saturday and Sunday. I got a few numbers today.

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For those days that either I have no inspiration or no energy, I would reach deep into the freezer and pull out Banquet Fried Chicken (only chicken, not the TV dinner) and put those frozen lumps into my airfryer.  Twenty minutes later, it's on the dinner table, accompanied by cucumber slices, and Cal-Rose rice ( cooked in the rice cooker).  No cucumber?  No problem.  Thinly--really thin--cabbage sans dressing works too. If you have an adjustable mandoline, thin slicing takes very little time. I like a raw veggie to balance out the fried taste.  In fact, sometimes I'd skip the starch and serve a large portion of vegetable. 

Another trick of mine is to skip the evening meal altogether, and eat a dinner-like meal at lunch.  If I get a little hungry at supper time, popcorn is quick to fix.  To make the popcorn a little more nutritious, I'd add a handful of mixed nut while it's still hot. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Yes my dil sent me a link for Facebook Marketplace and I told her I would check it out after I got back from my foot doctor appointment. Wow, no luck couldn't get on. I just checked again and they are back up after being down for six hours. I can imagine all the people having withdrawal symptons. I only go there once in a while so it doesn't really bother me.

Okay I got a bunch of numbers tonight all over the place but I am still only half way to a bingo. Good luck everyone.

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Hope everyone had a good weekend. I didn't get carpal tunnel marking my Bingo numbers.

Thanks @LindaB671 now I have to go to the store and get taters and stuff. 😊 Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. Facebook is down worldwide and I know a few people are in panic state because they can't use Facebook. 

I got a few numbers tonight to help me in this game. 

Linda that bake potato sounds good and I have one in my fridge that is begging to get baked.

The weather has been great sunny and cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. 

You all take care and see you tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
Silver Conversationalist

@jen43 Rain for us yesterday and today. I got a few numbers but nothing to brag about. Easy dinner here tonight - loaded baked potatoes. You have my vote Jen!

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