Honored Social Butterfly


Hi EVERYONE, Brrr it's cold here, in the 30's this morning, and it's going to get lower tonight.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I had kids coming to the door Sat and Sun night, still have treats left !

Here are your 1st numbers for the month of Nov.

B-5  I-22  N-31  G-54  O-67 

G-47  B-10  I-17  O-62  N-40

I -26 N-37 O-65

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen .


Social Butterfly

I was thinking about last Halloween. We had no tricker-treaters. But for those out there that went and there were people that didn't buy candy to give out; they didn't have to worry about their yard getting toilet papered. No one would have gotten the tp out of the safe to use in that way. 😉

Honored Social Butterfly

I got a few numbers today nothing to brag about.

Regular Social Butterfly

Four spots on my card were friendly to Jen's called numbers.  The I column is despondent that no number landed.


My island city is cooling off by a few degrees early this morning.  70 F.  No complaint.  It's been a more comfortable year without excessive heat.  We'll probably have some early morning temperature dipping down to the high 50's toward Christmas.  That will be cold enough, thank you.

Social Butterfly

Had some tricker-treaters.  Just came back from getting groceries just in case it may rain or get  cold and windy. But is usually just a tease. Got a few numbers. Good luck all.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. The morning started out at 51 and now it is 79 and warm, but with rain tomorrow will come a cold front and I will wake up tomorrow with temperatures in the 40's. I believe and the only one that does that Texas will have a bad winter.

I got a few numbers tonight but none that will help. 

Last night I had Tricker Treater but not as many as I had last night. I sat in my garage and had more big kids than little ones. I also had some real cuties in strollers. 

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

We made it to 72 today, 21 degrees more than we started out with and it was 51 at 7 am which was colder than they said it would be. Things are crazy here today so I will just say good luck everyone.

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