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Hi Everyone, A great day here, almost made it to 50 !

Please Welcome another new player, say hello to Andrea.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-11  N-41  G-46  I-21  O-70

G-53  I-16  N-32  B-9  O-67

B-6  N-36  I-25


Good Luck, I may be a little late posting tomorrow night, my great grandson has a Dr appointment tomorrow at 3:30 and mom and dads car is on the fritz.

So who you gonna call..Gg, thats me, Jen

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We too are having beautiful weather.  Welcome Andrea

Got just 2 numbers tonight 

Regular Social Butterfly

You still have a few good grace cards, Jen.  You certainly can use one of those tomorrow.  🙃

Welcome, Andrea.  🎉  We're a tight-knit group,  but many of us don't knit and some of us, like myself, are not tight with expressing our thoughts.  I hope you have more than one hit today.  (That's me today.)   And feel free to post here.  We all want to know how everyone does with Jen's called numbers.


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Welcome to bingo Andrea!


Honored Social Butterfly

Welcome to our bingo group Andrea, hope you enjoy it.

I got off to a rip roaring start with one number. Son comes home tomorrow and I miss him. He did not have a good trip. His uncle lives alone and the condition of the house is deplorable and my son does his best when he is there but it is like putting a bandaid on a deep gash. I am not sure but I think he will be 88 the end of this month. He should be living in an assisted living place at the very least but that will never happen. Today was sunny and nice so I guess we had better watch out for the end of the month as it might go out roaring like a lion.

Good luck everyone.


Regular Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. The day started out raining and cold, now it is sunny but still cold. The weatherman said this morning since March came in like a Lion it will be going out as a Lamb.

I got a few numbers tonight, hopefully I will get more tomorrow. 

Jen you sound like me, every time the parents can't take the grandkids, grandma steps in, but I will take any time I can with my grandkids, step grandkids, and step great grandkids. 

You all take care and stay healthy and safe. 

Charonanne E Kading
Esteemed Social Butterfly

Welcome to the group Andrea! I got 2 numbers today it's been a rainy day here. It's no problem Jen do what you need to do the game can wait until you finish handling your business.

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