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Hi everyone,please Welcome lisav53889 who joins us tonight.

Well summer is back,but it could get cold tomorrow,you never can tell.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-11 I-17 N-37 G-48 O-71

N-39 B-3 I-21 O-66 N-43

G-54 O-61 B-6

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon,Jen


How do I get a card?

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Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!


Welcome to our bingo group @lisav53889 


@prisonnurse06 I will be praying for your son. Prayer is powerful, and I am a prayer warrior!


WOW, I thought last week was bad getting 3 numbers per I only had ONE 🤣


I have been working hard to get a quilt finished so I can take it to NY with me the end of June. Well, tonight I finished piecing the blocks and rows together, that's why I am so late getting here pretty much every night lol.  Now I have to add all my borders and then quilt it. So far I have 96.5 hours into it, but I should have it completed in plenty of time. Whew!

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Hi lisav53889,

Don't let us scare you away now.  Stay and play for a long spell if you've ever been labeled a Bingo Nut.  Most of us...nah...all of us caught the same b virus.  After a while, all the players kinda grow on each other. Yep, we all  come for the game and stay for the love--easier to spell and pronounce than "camaraderie".

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Welcome to bingo lisav53889, we are not so crazy, sometimes silly, serious about our bingo though, hope you enjoy it.


@prisonnurse06, I will keep him in my prayers. I know what he is experiencing as I had my first one at age 16, yes also with the loss of vision. It's a very scary experience, but it does clear up and it can keep happening. I still deal with these episodes, very frequently, though I don't get the headaches anymore. They call the funny C's or sideways V's that look like lightning bolts and begin as tiny spots and keep getting larger until they disappear aural migraines.

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Good evening everyone. Jen I know you don't want us to repeat May again and I know you meant May 30th. I thought it was May 29th. 

I got a few numbers to get started this week. Welcome to our new member lisav53889.

My grandson Cooper made it through his graduation or should I say grandma made it through that wonderful day.

On Sunday I found out that my youngest son was taken to the emergency room because of Ocular Migraine with n/v and blur vision. They did several test on him and ruled out stroke and the blood work has not come back, but the ER doctor didn't think it was heart attack. 

I saw him twice yesterday and he could not see out of his right eye but I told him that Migraines affect both eyes. He was very sleepy due to the medication they have him on to relax him. My son I love him but he is a controlling person and won't delegate at work and he works 12-16 hours during the week and sometimes he is up there on Saturday doing something. He doesn't have but help from the staff or support but next year he is getting 5 new band directors, of which two of them were his students a few years ago. I am hoping they will help him. I talked to my DIL this morning and she said he took his dog for a short walk early and his vision has cleared up some enough that he can see where he is going. He also felt like the headache was trying to come back. I told my DIL he needs to wear sun glasses anytime he goes out and take Aleve when he feels like one is coming and this should help.

Take care everyone and I will see you tomorrow.

Charonanne E Kading
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@prisonnurse06 , I will have him in my prayers.

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Welcome @lisav53889 .

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Welcome to the Bingo group lisav53889, I got a few numbers today.

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Welcome to Bingo lisav53889


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