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Hi everyone.

The heat is still with us. nice in the mornings.

Here are the numbers for tonight> 

B-4* I-24 G-51 N-35 O-64

N-41 B-12 G-47 O-69-* I- 23 

O-61 G-54 B-15

Good luck, This is the only way it's working for me ! 

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Hi all,

If you have symptoms of a head cold, you have Covid.  And that's what I have. Thank God for the free home Covid test kits.  And so glad we have virtual Bingo; otherwise I would have to bow out due to quarantine protocol.

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Get well soon,take it easy.

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I am sorry to hear that! Rotten to be sick in the summer. Hope you feel better soon!!



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Caught 5 numbers. We just had a cold front come in with a Monsoooooon!!  Clearing out now and the sun is shining. Crazy weather. Should be up in the 100s by the end of the week.


Stay cool 😎


I'm new. How do I get in the game?

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Hi Michelle,


Welcome! Direct Message @jen43 for her to send you your Bingo Card numbers. You keep track on your own card (I download free templates) some keep track in an Excel spreadsheet. Jen announces the daily numbers every evening. Have fun!



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Thanks Jen, this way is much easier to read!

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Good evening everyone. Today in my part of Texas it was 99 but I don't care what they say the temperature is because it is hot either way. Next week the 100+ will be back. 

@jen43 it took me a second to wonder about the * and then I looked at the numbers. This is a good idea. I like it this way and it is easier for you.

I got a few numbers to get me started today. You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading

Great start, I had 5 numbers.


@jen43 The suggestion I had given you doesn't work for you? I thought it was simple and clear enough

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Sorry, I kept having to go back and correct myself,comes from doing the other way  so long,and I mean year's..I did make some minor changes, and it should be easier to read,Thanks anyway,Jen

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Yes, this way is good! I got 4 numbers today.This heat not playing 🥵🔥

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