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Hi Everyone, Sorry I'm late, was having trouble with my connection, must be the weather.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-5 I-24 N-31 G-58 O-67

N-33 G-54 B-9 I-16 O-62

I-27 N-43 B-13

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon,Jen

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Hello 👋🏽 


Happy Tuesday to all 🌻

5 numbers for me. It has been sunny most of the day but expecting rain any minute now

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Well I'm a day late a dollar short lol. Caught 4 numbers all over the place. Kind of like our weather. My bulbs are coming up!!! Tomorrow will probably be snow. Eeesh.

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Morning All - talk about being late to sign in.  We are having some nice weather this week so far - lots of sunshine - Yeah   Nothing special on my card.

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I am very late, got four numbers. Fall came back on Saturday but it is supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow. I hope we get some sunshine, it has been rainy, damp and cold since Saturday. Good luck everyone.


Yikes!!! Starting this week out exactly as last week.......not one number 😭

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Good evening everyone. Well Spring has returned to Lake Worth Texas this week and next. It is 53 now but will be 35 in the morning. Our morning temperatures are still low but our afternoon temperatures will get up to the 70's this week and next. 

I got 4 numbers tonight, and from what I read from the other posts I am doing a little better.

On Friday of last week my son went to the high school to get paper work for his regional auditions on Saturday and was greeted with water pouring out of the door. When he got into the band hall the plumes on the hats were ruined, as far as he knows he thinks that is all the damage there is, and was happy to see no instruments got damaged. They used my son's suggestions on how the students will make up this week. In the high school the gym. and cafeteria are on lower grounds and they got the most damage. The floor in the gym was just put in this year, but they have been told it will get fixed. 

Well must go my tummy is telling me to eat. You all take care. 

Charonanne E Kading
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No problem Jen I'm late also where is everyone....I got 4 numbers so far.

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9 numbers for me. Not bad for a Monday!

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That awesome!

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Hope your weather isn't any more problem @jen43 . I have 2 numbers, so look out y'all. 😊 Good luck to everyone.

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