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Hi Everyone, Please Welcome Lindab485789, she joins us today for our Bingo games.

We are having blizzard conditions, white out, blowing and drifting snow, they are warning everyone to stay home and avoid is currently  5 degrees with heavy snow..

Here are the numbers for tonight.


B-4  I-18  G-54  N-32  O-66


I-23  B-15  G-52  N-39  O-73


N-43  I-16  O-69


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon to check, Jen


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Linda - welcome!

We are finally getting a break this morning - sun is out & it’s above freezing.  Only got a couple numbers fingers are caressed for tonight 

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Welcome Linda-from-upper-blizzardy-NY !  You have lots of friends this time on the mainland.  Even hot-and-humid Houston is down to 12 degrees.  Brrr!  Please don't hate me for saying that our lowest registered at 66  this morning. Right now it's 79 degrees.


I feel so relieved today.  All my tax docs are organized and ready to be marched over to my tax preparer tomorrow.  The standard deduction of 13,700 per individual seniors over 65 yrs old simplifies the gathering quite a bit.  In a few short years, I'll probably prepare all my income tax returns myself.  Until my estate is more simplified, I leave it to the professionals to handle the mess. God bless tax accountants!

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Thank you for the warm welcome! We are getting a storm here tonight too with another one forecasted for later in the week. It’s to be expected here in New York. Good luck, BINGO Friends!

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Welcome to bingo Linda!!


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Welcome to Linda, hope you enjoy the games. I'm off to a very slow start.

Jen, I know that kind of weather and don't envy you even though I miss the snow. Stay safe.

Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone and welcome Linda, to our group. Jen it seems we have the same weather. The temperatures right now is 18 feels like -2. Tomorrow like today will be sunny but very very cold.

My area is expecting more snow on Wednesday. I have about 6 inches of snow right now.

There is also power outages as well and so far I have been lucky. 

See you I hope tomorrow, stay safe and healthy and warm.

Charonanne E Kading
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Welcome to the group Lindab48578 glad you joined us, woke up to snow this morning and been going off and on all day we are supposed to get down to 9 degrees tonight, I got 7 numbers today lining up pretty good.

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