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Hi everyone, looks like Winter is here to stay, no snow yet, but it can't be far away.

I hope all of you got your card #s ok.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-4 N-38 O-72 I-27 G-46

I-20-B-10-N-33 G-51 O-73

N-40 B-8 G-56

Good Luck, I'll be back soon,Jen.




WOW! Horrible numbers for me 🙄 I literally had 1 number lol 🤣

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Good start for me.  Thank you Bingo Fairy, wherever you are.  I hope you're good with my bingo friends too.

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Sorry for the loss of your friend @prisonnurse06 .

@SassiLady , lol. I have the same head. Once on a Sunday after getting the numbers, I came back later in the evening and read the same email and thought I got all the numbers. 🤔 Stay warm all and good luck.

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Good evening everyone. I got a few numbers to start my week. 

My weekend was busy as I had two friends that had medical issues. One of my friend died on Friday night of Covid, she refused to get the vaccine, and thought the Vitamin D she took would protect her. She will be missed. Yesterday my other friend had a mini stroke while in church, but good news she is now home after all test at the hospital came back negative. She is on blood pressure medicine. She is also told to take it easy for this week. I know this person, we will have to sit on her, to keep her from not over doing it. 

I almost got all my Christmas shopping finished. I have two more gifts to get which I will do tomorrow. 

You all have a great night. It is cold here in Texas, so I will be snuggling under a blanket for the rest of the evening. 

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

I got 5 numbers and a few did line up together.

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Michigan is also represented by our Bingo group. Good luck this week everyone. 🍀

Honored Social Butterfly

I have three numbers and they are social distancing. Some days my head isn't on right. I came to bingo got out my pad with my card and it was blank except for the word bingo across the top. I knew I got my message with my numbers and I read what Jen said but I didn't get out my card and fill it in, oh dear I guess it was a senior moment or more. Good luck everyone.

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