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Hi everyone.

Hot weather and rain storms found us again. turned really muggy.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B - 4 - I - 22 - N - 42 - G - 54 - O - 63 

O - 71 - G - 50 - N - 36 - I - 18 - B - 8 

I - 25 - N - 34 - O - 66

GOOD LUCK, back in a bit,Jen.


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I am two to three numbers away from a bingo in most direction. 

(Doesn't it this sound like a political statement of some sort? An  empty promise that sounds so hopeful.  " I promise you an almost  bingo because I am 2 and 3 numbers from it in any direction.  A vote for me is a better bet than for my opponent. ")

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I got 6 numbers also and some of them lined up pretty good. It's cloudy here and looks like rain heading my way.

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Okay six for me tonight so it's not a bad start. Missed last week as I was under the weather. Still not positive what it was, ah well so it goes. 

Good luck everyone.

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Only a few numbers. @prisonnurse06 , we got a little rain today, so it should be coming your way soon.

To Everyone:




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Good evening everyone. It was another hot day and we are suppose to get rain but I am looking outside and see no rain clouds around.

Jen we all made it to GAME 700 yahoo. I got some numbers tonight to get me started.

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Happy Monday!


That's 6 numbers for me, off to a good start. Grandkids are at DisneyWorld. Wish I was with them! So fun.



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