Honored Social Butterfly


Hi everyone,the rain has gone away and it was a sunny but chilly day,hope you all had a good weekend.

Here are the numbers for tonight.

B-13 I-28 N-34 G-52 O-73

N-43 O-62 B-5 I-20 G-56

I-25 G-46 B-2

Good Luck, I'll check back soon,Jen

Bronze Conversationalist

Caught 5 numbers tonight. Our weather is warming up nicely. 🌷☀️🌷☀️🌷

Honored Social Butterfly

I got one yes one number tonight, so it needs a lot of help. We had a nice sunny day in the 80's but not humid. Good luck everyone.

Regular Social Butterfly

Like daffodils, my 5 yellow-daubed numbers all over. 

Social Butterfly

Only two numbers tonight. I will take y'alls rain @ladyfox58 and @prisonnurse06 . We are sooooo dry here. The birds are landing on me to drink sweat. 😊  Good luck to everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

Three numbers today and they are scattered around, we are still getting showers and I know the farmers don't like that they trying to get their crops planted.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. I got 3 numbers tonight but done of them will be helping me. The semi cold weather is back. It was 52 this morning and partly cloudy all day. It rained through the night and we need the rain. 

I had to get a new vacuum and decided to get the best which is Dyson and Alexa has informed me 6 times my package is here. I finally found a way to delete that message. I took it out of the box and it is still in pieces as I have tried several times to click it together like the video says to do. I guess my clicking days are over because my hands and arms do seem to have the strength to click anymore. I have asked my son for help but he said it would be next week before he can come and do it. I have two cats and not vacuuming just one week is bad. I usually vacuum twice a week, so I am trying to imagine what my rugs will look it. 

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading

Only 4 numbers tonight, but 3 are on the same line, so maybe tomorrow, I will get the other 2. One can only wish lol 😁


Good luck everyone!

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