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Hi everyone,I was here on time,but the site wasn't .

Took me 5 try's to get logged in.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

Here are the numbers for tonight.

B-4 I-25 N-31 G-47 O-64

N-33 B-8  G-46 I-16 O-66

B-14 O-69 I-19


Good Luck,I will be back soon,Jen.

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Belated Happy Easter all. Hope everyone enjoyed their time. Was the lasagna good @jen43 ? The baked ziti @SassiLady ? We had broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon. With butter beans and beets. Glad the kids did get to hide before the rain @ladyfox58 . Great start on numbers there @im2bizzie . Hey @jen43 , @miliannie and @SassiLady , I don't log off either. So much easier isn't it?  But @jen43 , I saw that they were having sporadic outages for various pages earlier. Good luck everyone!

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Vexed, they was very disappointed about the rain they was having so much fun outside playing.

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Ah, sorry @ladyfox58 that they had some disappointment. And it is so much better after being cooped up in the winter too.


Oh! My! Stars! I had EIGHT numbers!!! Most ever on one night since I started! I need 2 different numbers to give me a bingo......maybe I will get one of them tomorrow 😊


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Have a great week y'all!

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Interesting to hear that you have to log in Jen. Do you do this daily?  I leave mine on for days, even when I log out of the computer.   Only once in a while I would have to log in to AARP website.

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Yes, I do. I tried not doing it and it would mess up. 

Tonight they were having tech problems according to the message.

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I never logoff either and every once in a while I have to login.

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Same here SassiLady, I use my phone most of the time and I never log out but I guess when the site acting up I have to log back in.

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I got set up in a couple of places tonight so will have to see what tomorrow brings.  We had a nice Easter and the rain held off until about three in the afternoon. @jen43, how was the lasagna? We had baked ziti. LOL!!

Good luck everyone.

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The lasagna was wonderful. Best I've ever had!

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no luck here   HAPPY BELATED EASTER ALL   !

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Hello everyone, I had a great Easter but it came a down pour later in the evening but the grandkids did get a chance to have fun and hunt eggs...I got 4 numbers to start off with.

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Good evening everyone. I had a great Easter weekend. Jen I know that H 46 should be G 46. I assume since they are side by side that is how the error occurred. 

I only got one number tonight which means that could be and omen of bad luck or a hope that tomorrow will be better. 

You all take care and have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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Yes, I edited as soon as I saw it,a little slip of the finger.

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