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Fri May 7th Bonus Game Finish

Hi Everyone, It might as well be March with all this wind, toppled the trash containers all down the street, blew the hat right off my head !

At least no dust is blowing, wish I could say the same for the maple seeds that are dropping like rain..

Here are the final numbers for the 4 Postage Stamps >


B-4  I-27  G-49  O-64


I-17  I-25  B-13  G-57


O-70  O-74  I-20  G-55


Good Luck, Maybe a Winner out there?

I'll be back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

I missed getting here last night. First congratulations to the winners, convertiblegal, ladyfox, Linda and Mary Riley, great job ladies.

I spent my evening at St. Catherine's bingo first one in over a year. It was in the brand new family center which looks grand. They used large round tables and had them set a good distance apart. I didn't win a cent but I enjoyed the evening.

I had a bad day yesterday, still feeding Samson by hand, hopefully in a couple more days he will figure out how to eat with a cone on his head. I went shopping at Home Depot for an area rug, no luck and then when I came out a man yelled over to me that the fellow parking in the space next to me had backed into my van. I pointed to the big Ford Ranger pickup with the double cab and he said "yes that one" then he left, and when I turned around there was a tall gentleman maybe a couple of years older than I am, standing there and said "I'm the one". Now I am of the opinion that insurance companies should compensate us for our time as well as fixing our vehicles. When I got home I called my ins. then his and he had already filed the claim. They had me call the collision place who said they didn't have the order yet, and said they would return my call as soon as they received it. I guess the bottom line is they will fix my vehicle, and give me a rental to use while it is being fixed and in their words, we are sorry, and it won't cost you a dime Mrs. F. Ah well just a lot of my time making phone calls. Today I am off to Walmart as I really need to get an area rug, I wasn't going to give Home Depot $140 for 5x7 rug, it wasn't that nice. I might stop at Lowe's and see what they have since it is along the way. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the MOMS out there and enjoy your weekend.

Super Contributor

Hi Jen I have 4 postage stamps also on card #30,13,218,28,-7,1,17,26,-57,49,75,61-48,60,65,63, and CONGRATS to the other winners, have a Blessed weekend, see you'll on Monday

Mary Riley
Regular Social Butterfly

Lady Luck smiled on 3 winners so far!  Congratulations ladies 


Please sign me up for the next game.  Thank you kindly.

Happy Mothers' Day, y'all.

Bronze Conversationalist

BINGO on #21

B 9,2,11,4

I 21,24,17,30

G 48,54,47,60

O 63,66,75,74

Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Please sign me up for next week’s game.

Honored Social Butterfly

This is a Good Bingo LindaB

Way To Go !

ibingo%20congrats.jpg YOU ARE THE 3RD WINNER !

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Jen I have 4 Postage Stamps on Card#22

B - 11, I - 26.     G - 53.  O - 75

B -4,     I -19.    G - 46.   O - 64


B -9.   I -21.      G -58.     O -69

B -7.   I -24.      G -47.      O -70

Congratulations to Convertiblegal55 🎉 sign me up for the next game.

Silver Conversationalist

congrads winners      HAPPY MOTHERS DAY  LADIES😍

Honored Social Butterfly

THIS IS A GOOD BINGO ladyfox58 !

congrats.jpg You are the 2nd WINNER !

Regular Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. I am now typing with both hands, whoopee! Congrats to convertiblegal55 for her win, and any other winners.

I lost by one. Please sign me up for the next game. Everyone have a great weekend.


Charonanne E Kading

Bingo, Card 23

B 8, 3, 4, 9

I 23, 30, 22, 16

G 59, 60, 55, 52

O 72, 69, 67, 74

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one.

Happy Mother's Day thumb-1920-936696.jpg

Honored Social Butterfly

CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal55 !

This is a Good Bingo !

celebration-balloons.jpg WAY TO GO SANDY !

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