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Hi Everyone, Chilly here, had to turn the heat back on, and it's almost June !

Here are your last set of numbers for the Bonus Game.

Good Luck !


B-10  B-2  I-28  I-22 O-70

G-51  N-40  N-45  O-73- O-68

N-39  G-48  I-19  N-37

Have a Good Game, I'll be back soon, Jen

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no luck here .  see you all monday. stay blessed and safe and covered.

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Hi Everyone, I'll be here posting numbers for Monday, if you can make it that's fine, if not I understand, Have a Good weekend, Jen

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Hi Jen, I will be here but most likely late all week. My son left early today, heading to North Myrtle Beach, SC. He took his 12 year old grandson, who will be meeting his Great Great Uncle for the first time, with him this trip. My DIL and I usually do take-out and watch a move on a DVD while we are eating. Other than that things go on as normal. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Bert

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My mini house still needs two blocks, but then it might fall down as the foundation still needs two blocks also. Another hot one here. I have been having a terrible time with calls getting disconnected. Someone is messing with the towers for the cell phones. LOL! Anyway after first getting transferred to the wrong office and then calling again and the call getting dropped. I gave up, went to JCP and picked up a set of sheets I ordered then just went to the doctors office. They were very helpful and got my problem with getting online fixed. That was the good news. The bad news is that after lunch I got online and it took me two hours to fill out everything they wanted to know before my colonoscopy and endoscopy on the 16th. I felt like I had been put through a wringer. If everything is okay this will be the last time I want to deal with them.

Everyone have a great weekend. Jen will we be having bingo on Monday or are you taking the day off.

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I could not have Mini Full House without 25 and 42.  I could claim dyslexic and see I22 and N45 as the numbers I need, but I could not ignore the letter in front of the numbers. 🙄


Please sign me up for the next game.  Jen,  would you have a talk with your weatherlady and remind her what month we're in now. (We're cranking up our dormant AC on the islands.)

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Well no Mini Full House for me so Congratulations to whoever wins and sign me up for the next game Jen.

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Cold and rainy here today. I was one away from a Bonus Bingo, so...“Bonus Reach!” I’d like to play the next game. Enjoy the long weekend ‘Bingo Buddies’.

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Good evening everyone. It is raining again, but had a few hours this morning where the sun was trying to come out.

I was left with 4 spots open. Congrats to who ever wins.

Please sign me up for the next game. Jen will we be playing on Monday. 


Charonanne E Kading
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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!



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@jen43 Thank you for the game this week, sadly short a few numbers, but still fun.  Would like to play next week if it's offered after the holiday weekend.  Take care, sending you warm thoughts and weather from Arizona.   ---  Christine 

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