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Hi Everyone, Cloudy day here, but no rain so far.

Here are your numbers for today>


B-7  I-22  G-48  O-63


I-20  B-9  O-74  I-25


G-51  And  O-69


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Thanks for playing everyone, Have a great weekend, see you all on Monday, JengladWereFriends57.gif

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Two stamps and to missed stamps don't think my letter's going far enough oh well.Please sign me up for next weeks game 477 thanks and good luck everyone enjoy your nice weather and if it's not good be thinking it's good

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Only two postage stamps for me..Please sign me up for next weeks game..Have a nice weekend..What a beautiful sky tonight...we're suppose to have rain tomorrow...
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Would 3 and 3/4 stamps do? After all, it's Friday and you're ready to close shop. NO?! Well, I tried.

Have a pleasant weather week end. I'd love to play Bingo again next week. Thank you.
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Only 2 stamps for me tonight. Love & prayers to both Prisonnurse & SassiLady.  We have rain also today & is going to continue tomorrow.  See you all on Monday . Sure hope you all have a good weekend.

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I got 3 stamps so Congrats to whoever wins this game, sign me up for the next game Jen. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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I lost by one. Congrats to who ever gets the bingo.
Went to the doctor and I have been having problems with my heath that I thought was related to my heart but it is related to my blood. I am anemic and the doctor is sending me to another doctor who can help. I am almost critical.
Well tomorrow I will be watching the Royal Wedding. Please sign me up for the next game and everyone have a great weekend.
Charonanne E Kading
Bronze Conversationalist

     You're toying with my emotions. . .   Got me down to one number G-58 and well? ? ?

Apparently it was not in the balls.  We've experienced a nasty day here.  The "Black Eyed Susan" day at Pimlico and, yep you guessed it - Nothing by Rain.  Tomorrow is the BIG day at Pimlico and the forecast is SO BAD for the weekend.  This is sad.  Well, we have the wedding from across the pond to watch.

     Please sign me up for game 477 and have a Wonderful Weekend.  Good Luck to All.Heart

Honored Social Butterfly

I have 2 stamps and two more that are 3/4 done. At the price of a stamp today it is no wonder I can't get 4, at least not on what the government gives me each month. LOL!

Rain this afternoon, a huge black cloud was slowly covering the area where we were and it dumped on us, but the sun came back out.

Wow, we went out for drinks and a sort of farewell to a couple that my son and dil know. I guess I am out of practice, two glasses of wine was one two many. Hahaha. I had a good time though. 

We are still in a quandary here over my dil's health and she has more tests to go but we are worried about what they are saying.  So, please keep her in your prayers, and I thank you in advance. Thank you in advance and everyone have a nice weekend.

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