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Hi everyone,we have some very strong winds blowing,think March will go out like a lamb?

Here are the last set of numbers for this game>

B-13 B-5 I-26 I-18 O-68

N-33 N-44 G-54 G-49 N-36

O-62 O-74 G-59 O-71 I-20

Good Luck, I'll check back soon,Jen

Periodic Contributor

Sign me up for the next game. 93 degrees and sunny, here

Honored Social Butterfly

I have the mini full house on card# 165, I feel guilty as I won a regular bingo, but I'll take it since I missed five weeks.

B    I    N    G    O

13  30  32  48  71

 3   24  36  53  61

 1    21    F   58  67

Good luck to those that haven't checked in yet and a great weekend to everyone. 

Honored Social Butterfly

This is a Good Bingo SassiLady!


congrats.jpg YOU ARE THE 1st WINNER!

Enjoy your weekend.

Bronze Conversationalist

We are having a record warm streak this weekend. Yay for sunshine and warmth!!


Have a great weekend.



Regular Social Butterfly

The Bingo fairy decided that I can't fit into a mini full house. 


Please sign me up for the next game.  Thank you.  Have a good Spring week end.

Honored Social Butterfly

I - 18 had already been called but we won't worry about that one, I'm short 1 number from the Mini Full House if anyone wins Congratulations to you 🎉 sign me up for the next game and have a great weekend everyone!

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. Today has been warm and sunny. I am enjoying this weather because so far it doesn't last long. March in my area came in like a lamb which means it will go out like a lion.

I got a few numbers, and lost by two. I can't really complain because I have won a bingo this week.

Please sign me up for the next game. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
Bronze Conversationalist

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!


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