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Hi Everyone, Friday, so soon? Sometimes time has wings, sometimes it stalls..

Here are the last set of numbers for the Bonus Game. >


B-12  B-8  I-17  I-25  B-14


N-38  N-44  G-52  G-57


O-64  O-67  O-73


GOOD LUCK, Starting on Mon we will have a new player,  SuzyQ, I'll check back soon, debating about supper, guess I will raid the, Jen

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Good evening everyone. Again another cloudy windy day, the sun tried to come out briefly. There is rain in the area, but don't know how much of it I will get. 

Congrats too ladyfox for her win. I lost by one number. 

I like the Spring forward, or daylight saving time, as it means my lights in my house don't go on until almost 7 p.m. or later on at 9 p.m. saving on electric. It does mess with my sleep, but at my age I don't sleep much anyways. It does make it darker in the morning longer, until summer. 

Please sign me up for the next game. Welcome SuzyQ to our game. See you all bring and brushy tail on Monday. Have a great weekend and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!

Don't forget to spring forward Sunday 2 am


Spring ForwardSpring Forward

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Congratulations to ladyfox as it looks like she has the bonus game sewed up.WTG!! 


Now if I had two more numbers I would have a full card, and if I had one of those numbers I would have the letter O, alas it was not meant to be.

Everyone have a great weekend, stay safe and healthy.

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Hello BINGO Buddies!

We’ve had 50’s and even 60’s with some sun this week. Sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding elsewhere.

A warm welcome to @TheSuzyQ, my friend in the Community. We are from all over...New York, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Colorado, and even Hawaii! Where else? You’re going to love the group, Suzy.

I’m two letters shy of the letter “O”, but my Irish luck might just pull through this week. Oh how my Irish eyes would smile! ☘️Have a nice weekend everyone and good luck next week!


Bronze Conversationalist

Thank you for the warm welcome!! What a fun group!! Excited to play.



Honored Social Butterfly

Welcome to the group SuzyQ.

Honored Social Butterfly

Jen I have the Letter O on Card # 105 Under the B 1, 5,12 across the Top I - 27, N -44 G -56 down the O is 61,68,65 and across the bottom is I 29, N -39 G 58 confirm please. Sign me up for the next game. If anyone else wins Congratulations to you 🎉

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You are  our 1st WINNER !

celebration-balloons.jpg WAY TO GO !


Regular Social Butterfly

Woohoo!  Ladyfox successfully lassoed the O.  You go, (cow)girl.


Jen, I want to try again.  Please sign me up for the next game.


For those who are still in the workforce, enjoy your last days of normal sleep this week.  Monday morning alarm is going to jar you awake sooner than usual, thanks to Spring forward.

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