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Trying something new,please let me know if it is more or less confusing,Thanks.

Prisonnurse06 was our winner for last nights game.

We finish with the COVERALL.

Under the B-10, Under the B-14, Under the O-65.

Under the I-20,Under the N-32,Under the O-71

Under the I-26, Under the N-44,Under the G-47

Under the O-73, Under the N-37,Under the G-54


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon,Jen Thanks,just trying to make it less confusing, I know, I know, we don't have to do it this way..just an idea..

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Everyone have a great weekend, I still need one I.    


I am with everyone else Jen. I don't like it this way either. How about something like this:


You can list the word BINGO in a downward setting. When you get the number for that letter, just put it all in one line. Example below.


B - 1, 9, 12

I - 18, 21

N - 35, 41, 44

G - 48, 56, 60

O - 65, 72


This should be easy enough to do. Just trying to help you out, and not be too much for you to do 😁


What are everyone else's thoughts on this way?

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CONGRATULATIONS Vexed, good game.

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I just got here and haven't had a chance to check my numbers but I agree with everyone that that is way too much work. I was going to sugges that maybe you space a couple of time in between and perhaps that would solve the problem.

Ex: B-2  I-19  N-45  G-58  O-72. I put two spaces between and I think it would work without all that extra typing. Now I will go check my numbers.


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Thanks Everyone, I agree, it took me longer, so scratch that idea,and it dosent look as neat as the other,I'll just have to be careful where I place those I numbers from now on.. LOL 

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no luck here   have a blessed weekend all  CONGRADS WINNERS





































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@jen43 If you're tallying up the votes, I prefer the other way too.

As for my bingo declaration on Wednesday, I didn't put the 4 corners into a pattern, only the straight bingo.  Here's a copy of that text:

straight down the bottom and 4 corners (B2 O62 B13 O74).

B13 I23 N38 G52 O74

It was not the clearest way to communicate, and it was super late posting, so I didn't expect any accolade.

Please sign me up for the next game.  Thank you.

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I think I got them all @jen43  card #44. Feel a bit greedy with a win already. 😊


 8 27 31 50 66



Jen, if you are taking votes on the listing of the numbers, I think the way you did today is a bit too much work for you and may be confusing. ( Agreeing with @prisonnurse06 ) How about a simple * (asterisk) between the number sets? Would be easier for you and on a computer you can just copy an asterisk and paste it between the numbers instead of typing each asterisk. Just an idea.


Good luck everyone. Have a nice weekend. 

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congratulations_fireworks.gif YOU LUCKY LADY vexed!


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Good evening everyone. Today the temperatures have reached 103 and sunny and windy. 

Tomorrow I will be getting a new air conditioner as the one I have now is the original one which makes it about 18 years old. It has been giving me problems for the last two years. Thank goodness I rent because I don't have to pay for the new one, but maybe I will through my rent. There is American Shield on the house for any maintenance. I have Hartford for house insurance. 

@jen43 I would think this way would be confusing. It also has to be more work for you. I will go with whatever the majority wants but I like the old way better. 

I was one short for the cover all, but I did win the first bonus so I won't be greedy. 

Please sign me up for the next game. Congrats to who ever wins this game. 

See you all on Monday. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

Charonanne E Kading
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To be honest I liked the other way better but the majority wins, O - 63 was called already but anyway I'm left needing 5 more numbers, sign me up for the next game and if anyone wins Congratulations to you 🎉

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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!



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