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Fri Dec 6th Bonus Finish Bingo

Hi Everyone, It creeped up into the 40's today..not bad.

Here are your last set of numbers>


B-10 B-15 I-17 I-25 G-47


G-59 N-40 N-37 O-64


 N-44 G-53 G-51 O-71


Good Luck, I'll check back later, got to get my supper ready, Jen.

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Jen, Got home too late to check my board.  You did it again! ! !  Yep down to 2 numbers and where are they? ? ?  I know, Santa is going to bring them to me for Christmas.  Please sign me up for game 558.  Keep warm and have a Great Weekend. Woman Happy

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Wow didn't get home from bingo at St. Catherine's until 10:30 and I now have a bingo here on card # 64.

B-7, 14, 6

I-28, 30

N-43, 38

G-50, 47

O-65, 74, 63

Congratulations to prisonnurse on her win.

Everyone have a nice weekend. Oh, We got to 71 today.

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CONGRATULATIONS SassiLady ! This is a Good Bingo !

Bingo 4.jpgWAY TO GO, Lucky Lady !

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Jen I think ) 67 was called yesterday.

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!


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Jen I couldn't post yesterday I guess my computer didn't want to, I missed by one. You called B 1 yesterday so I will wonder if it had been another could it have been the one I need. I almost had a cover all minus 2 numbers.
Please sign me up for the next game, and congrats whoever wins this game. See you all on Monday.
Charonanne E Kading
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Hi prisonnurse, I just looked at your card, You do have the Letter O !

You have  .B-15-3-8

You have- I-17 and I-18

You have -N-31 and N-45

You have - G-48 and G-46

You have- O-71 - 62- and 73


Thats all you needed...LOL, the corner numbers are not in the O...

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Still missing  a few for my bonus. Enjoy your weekend & see on Monday

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Made it up in 70's here today, I'm left needing 1 number for the letter O.... Congratulations to whoever wins this one 🎉, sign me up for next week game.

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