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Hi Everyone, Worked in the back again today, took advantage of the shady spots, so did the mosquitos!

They love me, little monsters..

Here are the last numbers for this game, Good Luck !

B-10  B-13  I-19  I-28  G-48 B-8

N-33  N-43  G-50  G-39 O-72

 O-68  B-4  G-52 O-75

I'll be back in a bit. Jen

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Thanks everyone for the congrats. @miliannie was right about hooting and howling around the house. I hope y'all didn't just let the new kid win. Then I thought, man I gotta wait till Monday. 😄

Of course, I want to sign up for the next week. Have a great weekend and good luck next week! Janet

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Missed by one N 37.

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!


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Looks like we have a winner 🎉 I missed by 1 number sign me up for the next game Jen and have a good weekend everyone!

Honored Social Butterfly

Looks like Janet has the outside so congratulations to you, WTG woman!!

I still need four numbers, so not even close. Everyone have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.

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Good evening everyone. Congrats to Vexed for the win. Miliannie and I needed the same number for a win. 

I am sure your G39 was to be G49, which wouldn't have helped me. 

Jen I sent you a message about putting the wrong card number for my regular win. My bad!!!!

Please sign me up for the next game. You all have a great weekend. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Dang! I missed the outer frame by one; it's the m.i.a. O70.  Otherwise, I'd be joining Vexed in the winner's circle while hooting and howling around the house.


Please sign me up for the next game.

Silver Conversationalist

@Vexed Congratulations on your Bonus Bingo! That’s awesome for your first week. Although you can just put the numbers in a string, you posted very cleverly. I was short two numbers for the outside frame. Of course I’d like to play next week. Thank you @jen43. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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I think I have a Bingo. I liked one number for a blackout. 😄

Card #175

B-15  I-17  N-38  G-56  O-62

B-3                                O-73

B-5                                O-72

B-9                                O-61

B-11  I-19  N-33  G-58  O-74


Is that ok, wasn't sure how to post it.

Glad you rested Jen.  

Honored Social Butterfly



congratulations_fireworks.gif  YOU ARE THE

1st WINNER !

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